International Institute for Advanced Training on Control And Automation

Master The World of Control and Automation

In any manufacturing industry, monitoring of status of various devices as well as keeping a tag on the value of various parameters at various points are required to be done. Depending upon these inputs certain control actions are taken, to ensure desired operation of the process or machine. Such monitoring & control is a continuous affair and remains operative as long as the manufacturing process is on.

In the early days of automation, various controllers were used for each control point, and controller was customized to perform the desired control function.

Invention of microprocessor has influenced the way of life of every one, and the process industry was no exception. The application of microprocessors in process control has come as boon to the process engineers. Now the concept of distributed control is changed to centralised control through microprocessor based devices.

With the passage of time such devices are available with extremely high reliability making them popular to use. And more & more use of the devices made the price come down to such a level that it becomes affordable to even smaller industries.

This is the trend in the past few years and is going to continue for years to come. This makes the industry look forward to “ready to contribute” hands to deal with the systems with new technology. An engineer equipped with hands on practical training on new generation devices scores much better in an employment situation. Such trainings are of great help to the practicing personnel, to change over to new generation technology seamlessly.

IIATCA is offering a range of training courses on Industrial Automation, since the year 2002, to meet the need of training requirements of engineers at various levels to become Industry ready.

Corporate houses like Hindusthan Lever Ltd, ITC, Balco, Tega industries, Arcelor Mittal, Castrol and many others, marine companies as well as institutes have already trained their personnel at IIATCA for upgradation of their skills for better productivity and efficiency.